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we build, while we are safe


QHSE Objectives​

  •  A zero incident workplace is one where the potential for harm to workers has been removed absolutely.

  • The projects key objectives are;


        1. Zero fatalities

        2. Zero permanent disabling injuries

        3. Zero injuries to members of the public

        4. Zero long term harm to health

        5. Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) of zero

  • Supporting zero accident are 5 key health and safety principles: 


        1. All incidents are preventable 

        2. Health and safety is led from the top, down

        3. Everyone is responsible for health and safety

        4. Positive behaviors are to reinforced and negative behaviors are                to be challenged

        5. Everyone has the right to stop work or to stop others from                        working if it is unsafe, without fear of any action taken against                  that person.


We at SEAWORKS Company are committed to provide high quality products and services in Marine construction and dredging, Earthworks and Heavy equipment's rentals in State of Qatar.


We ensure:


  • That the organization and projects sites are safe place, and the environment, facilities, equipment and substances are subject to safe systems of work to prevent risks to health or safety.


  • To Monitor effectiveness of safety policy as a line management responsibility.


  • To provide our employees and manpower with the necessary OHS training.


  • To Implement our IMS to maintain compliance with ISO 18001:2007, all applicable international and local regulations and legislations requirements.


Our OHS policy is regularly communicated to all employees and reviewed by the Top Management for its continuing suitability and we ensure to communicate our H&S performance and progress to external stakeholders, the local community, and to interested internal stakeholders as opportunities for system wide sharing of best  practices.

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